Hive Temperature Control

Hive Temperature Control

Hive Temperature Control
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Recommended for:
Solar Hives

Temperature control only

This product controls the temperature inside the beehive. You set the inside thermostat for fan to come on. It's preset to come on at 90 degrees. There is also a cold outside air shutoff wich is preset to 88 degrees. This protects the brood from having cold air brought into the hive.

Unit includes:

  1. 10 to 25 watt solar panel 
  2. Solar controller/ 3 stage lead acid battery charger.
  3. Inside hive temperature sensor, user adjustable
  4. Outside air low temperature cutoff thermostat, user adjustable.
  5. IP68 waterproof, dustproof, dual ball bearing, brushless fan
  6. 40 inch Battery cable 16 AWG all copper tinned silicone cable.
  7. Wind and rain flap
  8. Made in the USA of domestic pine, plywood, Virgin PVC, copper wire and foreign parts. The circuit boards are made in Taiwan or China
Recommended for:
Solar Hives

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We developed this high quality product to help control the high humidity in bee hives that cause so many problems. Problems like molds, insects and diseases are made worse by high humidity. Controlling temperatures can also increase honey yields by freeing up bees from activities like bearding and allow them to forage for nectar and pollen. 

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